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  • Summer 2014 Reading Suggestions

    Since many of you will have extra time over the summer, you may be wondering what good books are out there to read.  While I can't give you too many fiction or young adult reading recommendations (please give them to me though!), I have thought about some great books that would be beneficial for your growth in grace.  I listed them below with brief comments.

    Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis:  This is a great book that sets out to explain what it means to be a Christian and why Christianity makes sense.  Lewis is a great writer and this is well worth your time!

    The Reason for God, Tim Keller:  Being in NYC, Keller regularly deals with people from all walks of life. He does a great job not only of dealing with hard questions and doubts but also articulating the Gospel and why it matters.

    Real Sex, Lauren Winner: This is a great read on the subject of Biblical sexuality.  I found her emphasis on the importance of community in terms of our sexuality helpful.

    Relationships, A Mess Worth Making, Tim Lane & Paul Tripp: They highlight the joys & struggles of relationships in general. This is a pretty quick read and has lots of helpful stuff.

    A Praying Life, Paul Miller: If you are struggling with your prayer life, please read this book.  This book not only talks about the what & how of praying, but also why we pray. This book actually made me want to pray after reading it.

    Crazy Busy, Kevin DeYoung: DeYoung deals with the problem of busyness and how the Gospel meets us in our crazy schedules. I used this book last semester and found it helpful.  FWIW, it also won the 2014 Christian book of the year award.

    Leading with a Limp, Dan Allender: In this book, Allender suggests that we need to know our story, especially our brokenness, to lead well. This is one of the best books on leadership I’ve read yet.

    The Healing Path, Dan Allender: This book tackles the difficult issues of healing from the wounds in our past.  He encourages us to walk through (not avoid) our hurt & pain with the hope of the Gospel so that we would become more human because of our suffering.

    Sensing Jesus, Zach Eswine: If you’re tired of chasing greatness and feeling like God (& you) are frustrated by your limitations, this book is for you.  The following quote is a teaser:  “God is the remembered One…Living humanly within his remembrance is enough…The purpose of this book. (Namely) I believe that Christian life and ministry are an apprenticeship with Jesus toward recovering our humanity and, through his Spirit, helping our neighbors do the same.” Pgs. 19-20.

    Echoes of Eden, Jerram Barrs: Reconciling Christianity & the arts can be a tough venture.  In this book, Barrs not only gives some great considerations on how to evaluate what makes art good from a Christian perspective, but he also does it with several examples (LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.). 

    If you decide to read any of these, please let me know what you think. If you have any to add to this list next summer, please let me know.  I’m praying for y’all this summer and hope that you have a great one. We’ll look forward to seeing you when you get back!  Boiler Up!

    Curtis M. <><

    RUF Campus Minister at Purdue