For Parents

Welcome to the Purdue RUF website!  Our staff want you to know that we are here for you as you go through this time of transition when your students go off to college.  RUF exists to minister to students in this challenging time of their lives.

There are a number of questions that parents typically ask, so we included them in a page detailing how we as a ministry can be a part of your student's life while at Purdue. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions not listed here!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is RUF?
RUF is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. For more than 30 years RUF campus ministers have been reaching students for Christ and equipping students to serve. Though receiving oversight from the PCA, RUF chapters are non-denominational in terms of their fellowship.  In other words, students from all denominations are welcome.  You may also learn more about RUF from our online video
2. What does "Reformed" mean?
In the simplest terms, the word "Reformed" simply refers to the theology and confessions that arose out of the "Reformation." Therefore, RUF's theology is in full agreement with orthodox Protestantism.
3. Is RUF a Bible study only for Christians?
Absolutely not. RUF is open to all interested in considering the truth claims of Jesus Christ.
4. What does RUF do?
RUF's ministry at Purdue is comprised of a number of activities: 
Large Group Bible Study:  RUF Large Group is our "shop front" activity and usually the easiest way for students to plug in to the ministry.  The evening consists of a time of singing and worship ending with a message from Scripture, all in a non-threatening atmosphere.  This is usually the place where your student can find out what all is going on within the ministry of RUF.
Small Group Bible Study:  In these informal gatherings, we will take a closer look at Scripture to see what it says about who God is and who we are, all in a non-threatening atmosphere. 
One-on-One:  RUF's commitment to reaching and equipping students means that one-on-one meetings with students is a vital part of our ministry.  This time is usually spent getting to know each other personally, investing in on-going discipleship, dealing with personal issues with which the student struggles, and addressing any crisis counseling that might arise during the students' time at school.
Fellowship:  RUF believes that the Christian life cannot be properly lived in isolation.  Therefore, we are committed to developing community among students that has Christ as the focal point.  Practically, this means we'll have numerous opportunities to spend time with one another in an informal atmosphere every semester.  
Service:  A fundamental aspect of following Jesus is following him in serving others.  Therefore, RUF is committed to serving in our community.  This means we will seek to serve the Purdue community in various capacities.  In addition, our hope is that each semester RUF will help students get involved in various mercy ministries in and around the Lafayette-West Lafayette area.
Conferences:  Finally, RUF ministers to students by means of student conferences.  RUF's national summer conference in May is a great way to get involved with RUF's ministry.  
5. Can you contact my student?
RUF is a ministry of the Church.  We are more than happy to contact your student!  One small request that we make of you in this area is that you not ask us to contact your student if you are not willing for us to tell him/her that YOU asked us to call him/her.  We have found over the years that the anonymous "cold call" can be counter-productive.
6. But what if my student doesn't like RUF?
RUF is not so self-centered that we assume that this ministry is for everyone.  Therefore, we are more than happy to suggest that your student contact any of the other evangelical ministries on campus to see if perhaps they can be a help to your student in a way that we cannot.  Feel free to contact Campus Crusade for Christ, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Navigators, etc.
7. I would like to give financially to the ministry of RUF. How do I do that?
RUF depends totally upon the gifts and contributions of friends of the ministry. Contributions to RUF are, of course, tax deductible and receipted with every donation.

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