Whether you're a new student at Purdue or have been a Boilermaker for a while, we welcome you to check out RUF. Regardless of your beliefs or doubts, RUF is a safe place for you to explore Christianity and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him in community with others at Purdue. We seek to be a grace-centered community on the campus, for the campus. Take a look around to find out more about who we are and how you can get involved with our ministry. Feel free to contact our staff with any questions!

RUF meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm in Beering 2280.

Be sure to check out this semester's sermon series:

“The Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.” (Ruth 1:20) This quote from Naomi in the Old Testament book of Ruth expresses what many of us have felt. In the midst of the darkness and difficulties of life, it feels like God has neglected or even fought with us. Yet, the book of Ruth ends with the same Naomi celebrating because of God’s kindness to her. How is that possible? What does this story reveal to us about this God? We’d love for you to join us as we will spend the rest of the semester looking at the book of Ruth and the God of hope it reveals to us.

You can check out any of Curtis' sermons that you missed here.